The tattoo art in Taiwan nowadays reflects the long period of repression in the past.  My tattoo also reflects this same expression.  It includes:

1) The desire to rebel: this is caused by the oppression towards tattoo in the past in Taiwan.  Hence, the images usually convey a large amount of energy which is very appealing to the eyes. 

2) Pure black pigment: I think black is the most mysterious and appealing colour.  All my tattoos are in the black pigment only. 

3) Sense of majesty: I intend to show in my tattoo a sense of respect and righteous awe that are commonly seen in many Chinese art works. 

4) Complex patterns and delicate lines: the first impression of many people towards tattoo is the painful procedure.  However, complex patterns challenge people’s sense of vision and touch.  Chinese has a saying, “precious are the ones that are hard to achieve,” hence the complex pattern speaks for the rareness of the tattoo.     [NEXT]

I wish everyone can treat our skin with a lot of care and respect.  Tattoo is a way to express ourselves.  It is an art created by both the artist and the individual, hence a good friendship between the two people will make the tattoo more alive.  Before one decides to have tattoo, one should know clearly the intention for tattooing, compare the styles and choose a reliable tattoo artist.  When communicating with the tattoo artist, one should respect and trust the artist.  Having this trust and communication is the key to create a beautiful tattoo.          [BACK]