I was raised in an arts-oriented family and have been fond of drawing since I was small.  Becoming a tattoo artist was not appealing to me because this profession was not well-respected in the society.  The public perception towards tattoo was that it belonged to the gangster.  However,I came across a very beautiful tattoo work that changed my attitude towards tattoo.I was surprised by the amount of unique message expressed from tattoo, and started to become very interested in tattoo.  In addition, I disliked my job at that time. After a short while, I decided to study tattoo seriously.  There was very few tattoo artists in Taiwan ten years ago.  Most teachers would not teach their technique.  I learnt to tattoo mostly by myself; my training in drawing became very helpful.  In two years of learning and practicing, I accumulated experience by tattooing on friends and formed my own studio.  These friends are truly my best teachers!    [NEXT]

  I have very high respect towards a teacher, Mr. Chiang-Hsun.  He said:

“Beauty is the most precious wealth – the more you share, the more you receive…  You see the stars in the sky from other’s exclamation; you see the sunset from other’s infatuation; and you see flower’s blooming from other’s praise.”

This is a very inspirational motto to me.  It made me realize that to create is to share! This is the essence in tattoo arts!        [BACK]